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AMAugust19Feature - emo2
AMAugust19Feature - emo2

The world’s premier machine tool exhibition, EMO returns to the Hannover exhibition centre this year. The biennial event which takes place from 16-21 September, organised by VDW, the German machine tool association, features metalworking and associated technology from around the world.


This year’s EMO theme is ‘Smart technologies driving tomorrow’s production’ and a key focus will be how digitalisation and Industry 4.0 is impacting manufacturing. Aerospace Manufacturing previews some of the latest metalworking technology that will be on display.

We begin our round-up with Okuma (available in the UK from NCMT) who will be taking up the theme of digitalisation (hall 27, stand D26). Its Smart Factory technology includes the 3D Virtual Monitor, which allows manufacturers to simulate and test the entire machining process in advance. For a highly accurate simulation of the machine, 3D Virtual Monitor relies directly on the construction data. This avoids, programming errors and results in setup times being significantly shortened. Additional benefits are safe parting-off operations and reliable handovers of the workpiece.

The cornerstone of Okuma's manufacturing digitalisation is its intelligent control, which the Japanese machine tool builder develops and manufactures in-house. The advanced OSP-P300A control is perfectly tailored to CNC machines and a shared database ensures a boost in efficiency. Data that is input in one area of the control can be shared automatically. This enables users to avoid unnecessary inputs shortening set-up times. Thanks to the Microsoft Windows architecture of the control, all Okuma machines can be easily integrated into existing manufacturing environments.

In (hall 3, stand E36) Renishaw will focus on smart manufacturing technologies for the metalcutting sector in the Precision Tools zone. Using its machining demonstration cell with automated part loading, on-machine probing and off-machine gauging, the global precision engineering and manufacturing technologies company, will demonstrate how automation, measurement and feedback can deliver process control throughout all manufacturing stages. The cell will demonstrate how complementary technologies can contribute, throughout the manufacturing process of a CNC machined part, to achieve high levels of productivity and manufacturing capability.

Visitors will also discover Renishaw’s full range of on-machine and smartphone apps which make installing, configuring, using and maintaining probing systems even easier, saving time and maximising shopfloor efficiency through enhanced automation. Providing information at a user's fingertips in a simple, convenient format, Renishaw’s smartphone apps are available in a wide range of languages and can be seamlessly integrated with a wide range of CNC controls. Also, an enhanced version of Renishaw’s Reporter on-machine probing app, complete with MTConnect data streaming capability, will be showcased. Furthermore, Renishaw’s IPC software will showcase connectivity between the demonstration cell’s Equator gauging system and the machine tool’s controller, providing automated updates to machine parameters and offsets.

Starrag (hall 12, stand B58) will have at least three machines at EMO, including the recently launched NB 151 machining centre designed specifically for machining aircraft impellers and blisks. Targeted at blisks and impellers up to 600mm in diameter, the new NB 151 features a number of world-class developments for the effective and efficient machining of blisks. In particular, an innovative rotary (A and B) axes spindle allows the tool/cutting angle to be positioned closer to the workpiece, resulting in more stable machining and an effective route to minimal cycle times.

Starrag’s says its success across all its other product lines – Berthiez, Bumotec, Dörries, Droop+Rein, Ecospeed, Heckert, Scharmann, SIP and TTL – in all industry sectors, has been built on providing machining solutions tailored for individual customer needs. Whatever the size and scope of machining, Starrag can supply the appropriate cell and software control necessary for 21st century manufacturing, embracing a host of functionalities for the integration of Industry 4.0.

Cutting tool specialist, Sandvik Coromant (hall 5, stand B06) will use EMO to present new digital solutions for machining processes and efficient connected manufacturing. This includes the new lightweight CoroMill 390 milling cutter, produced by additive manufacturing. Combined with Sandvik Silent Tools adaptors the cutter reduces, vibration in long-overhang milling, increasing stability and productivity.

The company will also showcase its various CoroPlus digital machining solutions that offer different ways to integrate manufacturing intelligence into a machine shop, resulting in optimised processes and fact-based improvement decisions. One of the highlights at the stand will be the upgraded CoroPlus ToolPath software for PrimeTurning. Sandvik Coromant says this recently introduced, all-directional turning concept is unlike anything seen before. CoroPlus ToolPath software is designed to support manufacturers who use PrimeTurning technology to accelerate their operations and planning processes. In addition, the software now provides the option to import CAD models and create 3D simulations with collision detection.

Next up, EDM machine builder, Sodick (hall 13, stand A92) will have a number of new machines on display. This includes the latest ALC800G large capacity Wire EDM. The ALC series is Sodick’s premium wire-cut EDM machine, offering advanced cutting speed, accuracy and surface finish – and the ALC800G is the largest standard machine in the range with a 1,250 x 1,020mm work-tank and a maximum workpiece weight of 3,000kg. Incorporating the latest digital innovations in generator technologies and the use of advanced electrode materials, the ALC range provides major advances in cutting speed, accuracy and surface finish – made possible through Sodick’s in-house development and manufacture of all critical technologies, including linear motors, discharge power supply, NC unit, motion controller and ceramics.

The performance of these machines is based on Sodick’s Smart Pulse & Smart Linear concept in which the Smart Pulse Generator dramatically reduces the number of cuts necessary to achieve the required accuracy and surface finish compared with conventional machines. The new ALC800G is a more compact machine tool with an advanced human interface, including a 19-inch touch screen control.

In its centenary year, Yamazaki Mazak (hall 27, stand B52) will have its biggest ever stand at EMO 2019, hosting the largest number of machine tools and automation solutions ever exhibited by the company. Mazak will give seven machines their world debuts, along with two further European debuts, with new Integrex Multi-Tasking, 5-axis, hybrid and turning machines among those on display. Under the theme ‘Discover more with Mazak’ the company will showcase 27 different machines in total, two more than for EMO 2017, along with 16 integrated automation solutions.

The 3,000m² Mazak stand will be split into seven separate zones – Integrex Multi-Tasking, hybrid machining, 5-axis, laser, vertical machining, turning and horizontals – with all 27 machines cutting during the show. In addition, the Mazak stand will feature demonstrations of Industry 4.0 solutions, including Mazak iSmart factory and Smooth Technology. Integrated automation will be a major focus for Mazak, with a variety of different solutions on display, including PalletTech and Multi-Pallet Pool (MPP), gantry loaders and the AWC (Auto Work Changer). In addition, Mazak machines will be integrated with a number of third-party automation providers, including machine tending and bar feeder solutions.

Robotics specialist, Fanuc (hall 9, stand A50) will be sharing the knowledge garnered from over 590,000 industrial robot installations at EMO with a series of demonstrations showing the easy integration of robots into a wide range of industrial applications.

With a total of seven different applications running across the Fanuc stand, its CR series of collaborative robots will be a major attraction for visitors. The line-up will include every model in the CR-series, from the smallest CR-4iA to the CR-35iA.

Another innovative programming function Fanuc will be exhibiting via its CR series is its Hand Guidance Function. Here, robots are programmed by manually moving the Tool Centre Point (TCP) control, with the operator entering the required path or target points at the touch of a button. The Hand Guidance Function is suitable for a variety of simple tasks, and the Easy Attachment Unit can be simply mounted on the wrist of the robot. For more complex tasks, the operator can program the robot using the handheld iPendant or the iRProgrammer, a programming interface for Smart Devices.

The Ceratizit Group (hall 5, stand B70) will offer a comprehensive range of cutting tools at its stand, along with numerous innovations and live product launches. With its flagship brands of Ceratizit, Komet, WNT and Klenk, the group is a genuine complete provider of indexable insert tools, hole production, solid carbide and HSS rotating tools, tool/workholding solutions and aerospace applications, respectively.

Known as Team Cutting Tools, these highly specialised product brands provide access to the best tooling systems available. They are able to deliver the ideal solution for every machining requirement. These machining solutions – over 100,000 items – can be found in the Group’s new catalogue. Users can also visit the new online shop at www.cuttingtools.ceratizit.com to view the full range and access the complete programme.

Besides having one of the most comprehensive standard portfolios, Team Cutting Tools also offers sector-specific solutions. Visitors to EMO can experience its sector expertise first-hand. Interactive presentation spaces are the perfect platform for showing off core skills in the aerospace, automotive, energy technology and heavy machining sectors.

Continuing our preview, machine tools for grinding, milling, turning and high tolerance super precision machining feature at the Hardinge Group (hall 17, stand C54). The Group’s UK company, Jones and Shipman Hardinge is a key member of the Hardinge grinding machine sector and will be present to promote the precision grinding machines under the Kellenberger brand name. This includes the latest Kellenberger K100 machine for medium and high technology grinding operations.

The K100 on show will be the 600mm capacity version equipped with a WeFlex automatic loader to demonstrate the flexibility of the K100 modular concept and its suitability for operating in automated, high volume factory environments.

In terms of functionality the K100 platform delivers the most diverse range of configuration options for the widest range of grinding operations. Because of the modular solution on one common platform and the new assembly concept designed to reduce throughput time, it is possible to optimise production costs for the machine and ensure an excellent price/performance ratio. Three important features distinguish the K100 machine series; the innovative, collision-free, compact wheelhead solution, an enhancement of its performance parameters and the service-friendly machine design concept.

ANCA (hall 6, stand J35) will launch its latest ToolRoom RN34 software package at EMO this year. ToolRoom plays a crucial role in enabling tool grinders to design and execute high quality cutting tools. Specialising in complex cutting tool geometries for the aerospace, die mould and power generation industries, the latest package can design and manufacture complex tool geometries as well as balance them for optimal cutting conditions. New is the endmill cycles for ballnose and corner radius, tool balancing and next generation fluting cycles. The company will also announce the winner of its ANCA Tool of the Year competition which celebrates the knowledge and imagination of cutting tool craftsmen, who create tools with the ideal geometry, profile, and surface finish.

Italian machine tool and integrated manufacturing systems builder, MCM (hall 13, stand C14) will be highlighting the ability to carry out milling, turning and grinding on a single machine on its multi-tasking Tank G 1800 machining centre. The machine – available in the UK through agent RK International Machine Tools – fully integrates all of these machining functions to optimise the manufacturing process. Central to the machine’s success is the in-house designed and built tilting head, which is driven by two high-performance torque motors providing 830Nm of torque and rotation up to 6,000rpm. At EMO MCM will also be demonstrating Flight Recorder a recently developed system that works in conjunction with the machines jFMX software to enable predictive maintenance. The on-board PC collates data in real-time allowing the tracking and analysis of a wide range of functions in order to forecast maintenance requirements and increase spindle up-time.

US Waterjet cutting specialist, OMAX (hall 16, stand D01) will present the OMAX 5555 Jet machining centre with a 40hp EnduroMAX pump and Tilt-A-Jet, as well as the latest in personal waterjets – the ProtoMAX at the show in September.

With a variety of products on display, visitors to the OMAX stand will experience versatility, high precision and a compact design, demonstrating a waterjet for every level of manufacturing.

The OMAX 5555 offers a fit for machine shops needing an industrial machine with a smaller footprint capable of cutting 1,397mm x 1,397mm. With a completely sealed and protected ball screw drive system, this robust and reliable workhorse is perfect for shops cutting projects needing high precision.

The Tilt-A-Jet lets the waterjet achieve virtually zero taper with most materials. The system can position the nozzle at an angle calculated by the software to exactly offset the taper from the jet. Taper doesn't disappear – it just gets moved to the scrap part of the material, leaving the part with exact square edges.

In addition to its industrial machines, OMAX will demonstrate the new ProtoMAX personal abrasive waterjet system. ProtoMAX is a compact, self-contained cutting system ideally suited for prototyping and low-volume cutting of almost any material, up to 26mm thick.

As in previous years, DMG Mori’s exhibits will take up the whole of (hall 2) at Hannover. The company says it will use EMO to present its latest innovations in the fields of automation, integrated digitisation and additive manufacturing. Twenty seven of the 45 exhibits in Hall 2 will be presented with automation solutions.

One automated highlight at the show will be the DMU 65 monoBLOCK with a new automated guided vehicle (AGV), a standalone system for pallet automation. This innovative solution offers a flexible automation layout with free access to the machine and an intelligent safety concept for human-machine collaboration.

DMG Mori will also highlight its additive manufacturing advances with both powder bed and powder nozzle technology on display. Powder bed machines in the DMG’s LASERTEC SLM series are designed for productive manufacture of complex workpieces. The precision of selective laser melting enables the realisation of complex geometries that would be impossible to produce with conventional methods. The series includes the LASERTEC 30 SLM machine with a 300 × 300 × 300mm build volume and the LASERTEC 12 SLM, which owes its impressive accuracy to its focus diameter of just 35µm.

Back in (hall 5, stand B34) tapping and threading expert, Yamawa will present its new Z-PRO taps described as a “the evolution of high-performance tapping”. The range includes VUSP (spiral fluted taps for blind holes) and VUPO (spiral pointed taps for through holes) which are designed to deliver top performances both in mass production and small batch applications, without jeopardising performance, reliability and quality.

The taps are made with premium quality powder high-speed steel, based on Yamawa’s specifications and feature a new special coating to maximise wear resistance. Yamawa has a production capacity of 1,600,000 tools per month in four plants in Japan. Every tap that leaves the factory undergoes a triple quality check. Yamawa products are distributed in Europe through its ancillary based in Italy.

Soraluce (hall 13, stand B38) will demonstrate its customer-focus mindset, portfolio of machining solutions and access to convenient, user-friendly services during EMO 2019. Under its #MadeForYOU banner the machine tool builder offers a wide and advanced product portfolio of milling machines, large gantry machines, vertical lathes, multitasking solutions and automation lines.

One of the highlights will be the new Soraluce milling, turning and grinding centre that transforms the traditional CNC machine concept into a multitasking machine tool, where high precision and performance are required. Additionally, the range of mobile column milling machines, together with the new high-power and torque full 5-axis head, will also impress visitors.

Soraluce’s wide range of products solutions and services allows it to supply anything ranging from an individual machine to a complete machining line that integrates full turnkey machining solutions.

Creaform, (hall 6, stand B71) a leading developer of portable and automated 3D measurement solutions, will feature its entire line-up of ergonomic 3D scanning solutions and scanning software for product development, manufacturing, testing and automated quality control. This will include the new HandySCAN BLACK, the company’s metrology-grade 3D scanner for all phases of the manufacturing process, and the MetraSCAN 3D-R, a robot-mounted optical 3D scanner that is part of an automated quality control inspection suite.

Event attendees will be able to get hands-on demonstrations of 3D scanners, which Creaform says offer not only unmatched accuracy and reliability, even on complex, reflective, contoured and dark-coloured parts, but also unprecedented speed and ease of use.

Creaform has long-standing expertise in assisting quality and production process managers implement metrology equipment in their closed-loop manufacturing systems. Its 3D scanning and quality control solutions can be used for a variety of applications, including product design and benchmarking, reverse engineering, fast prototyping, virtual assemblies, production and inspections.

In the nearby hall, Gewefa, (hall 5, stand G04) a leading supplier of toolholding and technology products for metalcutting processes is planning a comprehensive presence at EMO this year.

Featured for the first time will be its innovative M96+ER hydraulic chuck with an external thread connection which enables connection to all driven tools with ER spindles. The M96+ER hydraulic chuck is a highly flexible toolholding system that fixes on the collet location of ER driven head spindles. And, being a hydraulic chuck, it offers exceptional all-around grip on the cutter with anti-vibration damping for improved surface finish.

Face and taper toolholders will also feature prominently. The Gewefa family of toolholders in this format is one of the most extensive available and now covers BT and DIN formats in SK30, 40 and 50 tapers to offer comprehensive capability for heavy duty and very high-speed machining applications. Gewefa face and taper toolholders are available as collet chucks, shell mills, face mills, shrink clamp, hydraulic chucks and in extended length and adaptor formats.

The Precision Technologies Group (PTG Holroyd) will be presenting the capabilities of its advanced machine tools at (hall 26, stand E96) in Hannover. Visitors will be able to find out about the group’s gear, rotor and thread grinding and rotor milling technologies, as well as its Powerstir range of friction stir welders.

PTG Holroyd’s rotor and thread grinding and rotor milling machines are widely regarded as producing the world's most accurate rotors, gears and threads, as well as ultra-precise components for a range of industries including aerospace, heating, refrigeration, ventilation, marine, power generation and high-end automotive. Components produced include: compressor rotors; pump screws and high-accuracy gears.

Since their launch, PTG Powerstir friction stir welding machines have been widely used to produce components for the aerospace industry, as well as railway carriage panels for use in the manufacture of high-speed trains. The recent, growth in the development of battery electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles has seen PTG receive significant enquiries and orders from automotive OEMs. A pair of 642mm diameter stainless steel rotors, precision-milled on a PTG Holroyd 8EX rotor milling machine are expected to be of particular interest to visitors.

CAD/CAM developer, Open Mind (hall 9, stand C04) will have live demonstrations at its stand showcasing efficient machining processes resulting in parts with mirror-smooth surface finishes. The special plunge strategies of the cutting tool into the material and the fluent machine movements are the secret to high-performance turning.

At EMO, the manufacturing software company will demonstrate this with highlights set to include the high-performance hyperMILL MAXX Machining package and the NC code-based hyperMILL Virtual Machining simulation solution.

The live demos at the stand will show the practical implementation of intelligent CAM machining strategies and demonstrate process improvements that extend beyond the individual machine. Open Mind will present this through Connected Machining, which allows hyperMILL to be networked and synchronised directly with the machine, enabling the best possible exchange of information between the generation and execution of programs.

hyperMILL Connected Machining is a module from the hyperMILL Virtual Machining package. The unique feature of the real-time simulations enabled by this module is that they are based on the NC code after the postprocessor run. This ensures that the virtual machine movements correspond exactly to the actual machine movements.

Walter Ewag UK (hall 11, stand B24) – a member of the United Grinding Group – reports that it will be displaying a number of tool and insert production/regrinding machines, and tool measurement systems as part of the Group’s display at EMO this year. For example, visitors will be able to learn about a new laser marking and cleaning station for the Walter Helicheck Plus tool measurement machine.

In addition, included among the myriad of Group machines on show, Walter will be showcasing tool grinding/erosion, and measurement, machines while Ewag will focus on insert production centres and laser-based tool manufacturing.

One new machine on display will be the Walter Helitronic Power 400 with Top Loader. This is a 24kW spindle machine for the production and regrinding of cutting tools of 3mm to 320mm diameter and up to 350mm long. Integrated into the machines’ existing construction and with no restriction to the working envelope, the Top Loader has a pneumatic swivel arm with gripper to integrate with Walter’s standard robot pallet system for tools up to 32mm diameter. The two-pallet system, one each for blanks and finished tools, can each accommodate up to 500 tools, depending on size.

Lastly, Dormer Pramet will use its presence at the tradeshow to share its expertise in a variety of machining applications and industry sectors. At its stand (hall 3, stand I41) a variety of cutting tools will be on show in ISO material-themed displays.

Visitors will be able to view a variety of cutting tools for heavy turning, milling, threading and specialist metallurgy areas, such as scarfing, edge preparation and bevelling. Dormer Pramet’s Force range of drills, Shark Line taps and high feed milling cutters are all set to make an appearance at EMO as part of the company’s comprehensive offer for the general engineering industry.

In addition, technical application specialists will be available to provide expert advice and support on a variety of machining challenges. There will also be a live Q&A on Twitter with a member of the Dormer Pramet team during the show.



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